Summer in Yosemite

Fires raged in Yosemite through July 28th 2008 ()

Fires raged in Yosemite through July 28th 2008 ()

Summer is a time for students to let go of school and have a good time. What they do for a good time differs from student to student. Some like to make money, some like to take vacations and some like to just chill out and do nothing. Chemistry major Jason Robison likes to make money while he takes a vacation as he explained in an email interview with the Skyline View.

Last summer I went to Yosemite National Park. There I worked a 40hr a week job with 2 consecutive days off.

When I was off work or on my weekend some things I would do ranged from hiking, backpacking, swimming, and climbing. While I was there, there was a large forest fire. It covered the valley in a haze of smoke for weeks.

It also caused power outages throughout the valley. We went without power and hot water for about 12 days. It was real camping then.

The company that I worked for, Delaware North Company (DNC) hires people from all over the world. I’ve met people from Ecuador, Jamaica, Russia, Ukraine, and all over the USA.

Most all of the people I worked with lived in a small town in the valley. This town is made of canvas tents and you get to know most all of the people around you. The town comes together for parties and general hanging out.

I’ve learned a lot about the park while I was there. There are endless places to explore, and no matter how many times you go anywhere there, you’ll find something new.

I’ve personally learned much of fire fighting and forestry. For the first week of the fires, it was all anyone could talk about.

I don’t know how much of the information will benefit me in the future, but it brings to attention some things we need to consider such as being “green” and watching our impact on the earth. There will never be another Yosemite, or for that matter, another Earth so we need to take care of the one we have.

If you’ve never seen the park, I recommend it. Every view is breathtaking and its wonder is endless.

Again summers can be spent many different ways. How you spend it and what you get from it is all up to you.

Interview obtained by Luis Osorio