ASSC faces another Run-off election

The Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) election results are finally in. However, run-off elections must be held between presidential candidates Kiiausha David and Luis Padilla, and Munira Adams and Melody Hisatake for the position of commissioner of finance, to determine which candidate will be filling the respective positions.

The following students have been elected and will be filling their positions for student government in the fall semester: Silvia Cervantes was elected as vice president, Nikki Santiago was elected as commissioner of activities, and Lindsay D’Amico will be the commissioner of publicity. In addition, the following students will be filling senator positions for ASSC in the fall: Cirilo Espinoza, Lauren Hernandez, Jessica Hui, Jonathan Vasquez, Amy Windley, Renee Wong and Lisa Yee.

A total of 198 people voted in this election, far fewer than those that have voted in previous years. Amory Cariadus, adviser to the ASSC, said that the low voter turnout could be attributed to the fact that ASSC didn’t put on a barbeque during the polls this year, something she says usually attracts around 100 voters. Cariadus also said that lower voter turnout could be attributed to the time of the semester.

“People aren’t thinking of anything else but finals,” she said.

For a candidate to win, they must receive at least 50 percent of the total votes, as well as one additional vote to go along with it. While a run-off has occurred only once since Cariadus has been ASSC’s adviser (which was last year) she noted that there seems to be a pattern where whenever three people are running for one position, there is usually a run-off. According to Cariadus, the run-offs will most likely take place during the third week of the fall semester.