Skyline’s logo redesigned

In the spirit of incorporating more voices from Skyline on the redesigning of the school’s logo, the campus’ Fresh Look Advisory Group will be opening up the logo selection process to the entire campus through an online poll, scheduled for May 17 to 19.

Initially, Mission Minded, the company guiding the Fresh Look Advisory Group through this process, had created approximately 30 logo designs for the college Cabinet to narrow down to the two selections that were then brought to student focus groups for selection.

According to the President of Skyline College, Victoria Morrow, some people at the school, including members of Classified Council and some faculty, were disappointed that only Cabinet got to make the decisions or that the focus groups only got to see two samples.

“I didn’t want to leave it like that,” Morrow said, adding that although there was a so-called winning logo that came out of the whole agreed upon process, she didn’t want to leave it at that.

“Essentially, we’re rolling back the process back to the point which we had the 30 or so samples,” Morrow said.

At a recent meeting, the College Council and the Fresh Look Advisory group met to narrow down the logos to approximately 6 samples, and will be meeting again to narrow it down slightly more. Once they have that short list of 4 or 5 samples, they will put it out for the online poll.

There will also be mock schedules posted up in the cafeteria during this time, to allow students a chance at an in-person visual.

“This whole project has been about improving the quality of, what’s called in the jargon of the business, our visual identity,” Morrow said. “The college, I have learned in the time I’ve been here, is probably the best kept secret in Northern San Mateo County, so I want to tell our story better in general.”