Advice Nerd:

We’ve all heard about it; parking at Skyline College sucks. It’s bad enough that this newspaper prints a story about it at least once a semester. Well I’m about to fill the quota for Spring 2006. The question for this issue:

Why does parking suck and how can I get decent parking on campus?

I actually don’t remember the exact wording of the question- I was so excited when someone actually asked me something that I squealed with delight and ran to my computer. You get the jist of it though.

Early to bed, early to rise

If you take classes in the ungodly morning hours here at Skyline, you might notice something of interest… there’s parking! You might even be lucky enough to find a spot close enough to the door that you won’t pass out by the time you get to class. If you have problems parking, just slip into school a bit earlier than you normally would and you’ll increase your chances. By around 9 o’clock the slots are packed like pickles and you’ll be circling the parking lot for hours, so make a bit of extra time to reserve a spot and save yourself from some unneeded stress.

Settle for less

There’s nothing more irritating than rolling into parking lot 9 only to find an entire row of cars staring back at you. I’ve gone through it myself… the agony of defeat, the frustrating predatory circling of the lot, and the weary resignation when I can’t find a spot. When I start pulling out my hair, I finally come to the solution; the parking lot behind building 8. Because it’s out of the way and secluded there are normally empty slots available, so I slip right in and pull the brake. It’s just a short stroll to the main campus, and well worth the walk. Parking in lot 2 is also advisable. Although at night you may want to walk in pairs… there have been reports of mountain lions.


I’ve always wanted to own a motorcycle. Why? Because it’s small, it’s fast, and it eats less gasoline. Another benefit of the crotch-rocket is its uncanny ability to fit in small spaces… a huge advantage if you want to park anywhere reasonable on campus. While there is a designated motorcycle parking area by the Pacific Heights building, there are too few parking spots available specifically for the cycles. Still, motorcycles have one up on regular automobiles, especially for starving college students.

Don’t park at all

Simply ride the bus. If you live in the area, it can be cheaper than paying for gas and much more interesting than driving to school. The bus is full of drunken bums, single mothers with children, and other interesting characters. Riding SamTrans is an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world, so get out there and make those bus drivers happy. After all you pay their salaries

There are many alternatives to whining about parking, and I think I’ve touched on just about all of them. So next time you find yourself pulling out you’re hair and screaming to the Parking Gods, remember… there is another way.

Once again, this is your Advice Nerd spewing forth the best advice he can. I hope I’ve been of help.