Beautification could use a face lift

While the ever-inconvenient construction on the new Student Union is finally reaching a point where it is taking the shape of a building, there is another problem on campus; one that is far less noticeable from a distance but no less important. For those of us who walk the chewing-gum littered pathways there is something terribly wrong with Skyline College… there seems to be more concern in expanding our campus than maintaining the appearance of what we already have.

Have you ever stopped in the middle of the hall because you realize there is a piece of sticky something-or-another lodged in the bottom of your shoe? Don’t worry if you have. There’s really nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to many students at Skyline. Next time you step out of a doorway, take a look at what you’re stepping in. You may be disgusted to find a polka-dotted pile of multi-colored, spit-out chewing gum at your feet. Case in point: the stairs in front of building two. The stairs face the new construction, but there’s nothing constructive about walking out of that doorway. Be careful.

Another plague of Skyline College is the consistent accumulation of cigarette butts. Once again, the stairs in front of building two are home to these dirty culprits, as are many areas of Skyline that are not designated for smoking. In the gutters, in the street, in the grass, at the bus stops, in front of windows, in front of doors, in front of you and me, there are cigarette butts. They may seem small when you throw them on the ground, but the problem they cause keeps getting bigger.

If you cross the path of an eyesore on campus, send us a photo of the thing in question, a photo of yourself, and your name and major and we will feature you and your discovery in the newspaper. You must be the change you wish to see in this world.