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Welcome back to school my friends! I hope your winter break went well for you; I know that mine was quite interesting. I would just like to welcome all the new students to Skyline College, and thank those of you who are reading the paper.

As many of you know we are a first amendment protected paper, which means we can basically write about what we want as long as we have reader involvement. That is because we are your newspaper; we belong to you, the students. If we weren’t protected, the administration could start to dictate what we can and can’t write about.

Recently colleges across the country have been looking into letting administration edit the student paper’s work, and take out what content they don’t want published. “How does this affect me,” you ask? It has a huge impact on you the student, because if something is happening on this campus that the administration does not want you to know about, then they can take it out before we even go to press, thus leaving you in the dark on many important faculty discussions and decisions that can affect your everyday life here at Skyline.

We are your open forum, which means we are your outlet to let your opinions be heard. If something is bothering you on campus that you don’t like, then write in or be a guest writer! Or if you see something in the paper that you don’t like then write us a “letter to the editor.”

The Skyline View has been your first amendment protected paper for nearly ten years. If you want your voice to continue to be heard, then write to us, or write for us. Let your voice be heard on this campus.