Playoffs still in reach for basketball team

The basketball team started off strong before the break, after competing all winter, they could still possibly see the post-season.

The team had a nine game losing streak in the middle of the season, due mostly to injuries.

“We were just always missing somebody,” Coach Justin Piergrossi said. “We were missing important guys. We struggled but we finally got everybody back for conference.”

Their record for conference, 2-1, has them tied with three other teams, Foothill, CCSF and Ohlone. The four teams are currently the leaders in the conference.

The two leading scorers this season are both freshman, Jabari Davis and Jeremy Francis. Francis is a guard from San Francisco and Davis is a forward out of Oakland.

Their overall record, as of Jan. 25, was 9-14. Piergrossi says that the team’s record does not reflect the team’s hard work and talent.

“We’re just as good as everybody else in the conference,” Piergrossi said. “We’ve done good for the schedule we had. We have a difficult schedule, the hardest schedule in the conference.”

The playoffs are still in reach for the Trojans, they just need to win the rest of the games in their conference. The men beat Ohlone College, the number 8 ranked team in Northern California on Jan. 18.

The team will be at home for their next 3 games, so Coach Piergrossi thinks that will help them beat the teams within their conference. Piergrossi says he definitely thinks they will make the playoffs but he’s not so sure about if the guys will play in the championship game.

“I don’t know about that, we have to win a lot of our games just to make the playoffs,” Piergrossi said. “We have a great opportunity to win the conference.”