Skyline Student killed in fight

In rememberance...Joel Orille's senior high school portrait ()

In rememberance...Joel Orille's senior high school portrait ()

Joel Orille, Skyline student was killed in San Francisco early morning on Nov. 27, no arrests have been made and no one is being held in custody.

Orille was pronounced dead at 1:15 a.m. on Sunday morning on the 100 block Minerva Street according to Dewayne Tuelly, member of the SFPD public affairs division. Orille was a resident of Daly City and attended El Camino High School before coming to Skyline.

According to Tuelly, the information the Police have now is limited but it will be an ongoing investigation by two homicide investigators. There was a fight of about 10-20 people, according to the police, and as of now they don’t know if Orille participated in the fight or if he was just observing it. Orille was stabbed to death.

The police don’t have any leads on who murdered Orille but there were a number of witnesses present that have provided information.

Orille was the only serious victim; there were no other serious injuries.

Orille, the youngest of four, was a freshman at Skyline College.

“He was just so sweet and innocent,” Rana Jweinap, Skyline student, said. “He didn’t like drama. He was an easy person to talk to. He was so nice.”

Jweinap also attended El Camino High School with Orille. She says she used to see him everyday. Jweinap remembers memories of Orille when he brought her roses on her birthday and how he used to go to her family’s deli and they would talk for hours. When she received the phone call early Sunday morning that Orille had died she was speechless.

“I wanted to faint,” Jweinap said. “It’s just not the same now.”

Even people who didn’t know him really well can’t believe someone as sweet as Orille is gone.

“I knew him more as an acquaintance,” Skyline student Amanda Mayer said. “He was just laid back. He was just cool, there are no other words to describe him, he was just cool.”

Jweinap says that what happened to Orille will open eyes to how unpredictable life can be.

“People are going to take more advantage of their lives now,” She said. “He always had a smile on his face. He was different, he always cheered everyone up.”

According to Tuelly, there is so much that the police do not know about the incident, but the investigation will continue until they know more.

Jweinap had one final message for Orille, “Rest in Paradise.”