Volleyball wraps up

Skyline’s volleyball team ended their season tied for fourth place in the conference with a conference record of 3-7 and an overall record of 3-11.

“We could’ve done better,” Coach Jan Fosberg said. “We had some key injuries; some players couldn’t finish the season.”

The team had a lot of freshman this season, and if all the players return next season, Fosberg says they could be much better.

“With experience, you’re always better off,” Fosberg said. “It takes a couple of years to know a system, so with an extra year, you have more knowledge.”

The team ended the year without some key players, due to injuries. Kristine Roach, the tallest player on the very short team, was injured during one of their matches. At 5’6, Roach was the tallest player and height can be a big contributor. EJ Breiz also couldn’t finish the season due to a sprained ankle.

The team acquired a late edition to team during the second half of the season. Peony Cheung became the setter for Skyline. During the first half of the season, Skyline didn’t have a true setter. With the team missing players, every player contributed.

“When you only have six players to finish, everyone’s key,” Fosberg said. “We achieved a lot with the players we had.”

Peggy Chong was the best all around player this season, according to Fosberg. Chong was a solid hitter and a consistent passer.

Even though their record wasn’t in the upper half of their conference, the women had a great strength that others recognized.

“Coaches would come up to me during the season and would tell me that we had great defense,” Fosberg said. “Other teams would have to stay on the floor the whole game.”

Fosberg says that she hopes all her players return next year.