Advice Nerd:

Halloween is a time of trick-or-treating, dressing in the trademarked costume of your favorite superhero, and carving jack-o-lanterns-if you’re eight years old. You, the party-loving students at Skyline College, are more likely to be found at dimly lit clubs with loud music or at a friend’s house where the booze flows free from a freshly tapped keg. For those of you who plan on spending the evening with a Dixie cup in your hand, here’s a suggestion… think about it first and keep your safety in mind. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep you safe and still have a good time.

Scare up a ride

It’s always a good idea to take public transportation to a party. You may say to yourself, “I’m not going to drink tonight, no matter what,” but there’s always the chance that things might change once you get there. Taking a bus or a taxi may be expensive and inconvenient, but having the knowledge that you can do whatever you want and not worry about getting in a horrific car accident is an assurance that I personally enjoy. If you can get a ride to the party, you’re set. Nothing beats the comfort of a familiar automobile.

Party in packs

Always keep yourself around a group of people you trust. Mingling with strange people alone can be dangerous. This is especially true if you’re in a huge group of people, like at the annual Halloween celebration in the Castro. In a situation like this, keeping a cell phone on you would be highly beneficial. If you get lost, you’ve got a web of support from people who are taking the time to look for you. You may not be able to hear the cell phone in the large crowd, but having people to fall back on can increase safety by a load.

Candy from strangers

You know what I find funny? Halloween is the only holiday where taking candy from complete strangers is encouraged. Parents willingly expose their children to bagfuls of potentially dangerous sweets and it’s totally accepted by society. The same applies to you… don’t accept any candy. Swallowing anything brightly colored and pill-shaped is probably going to be a bad idea in the long run.

School rules

Halloween is on a Monday this year, and that means all the planning and partying you possibly could do might be interrupted by that pesky requirement you call school. On the Tuesday after, hundreds of Skyline students will be shambling into class with red eyes and sore heads… a sure sign that they were in no way concerned with their education. Don’t be one of those people. I understand the urge to drink and have fun, but missing out on important notes or class work isn’t worth the headache. Try to keep your habits in moderation (if you have any at all).

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “This guy has no social life. I’m not going to listen to him tell me not to have fun.” Don’t get me wrong… Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love to party. I just think that part of being a college student is being responsible for your actions. Take this piece of advice from me; Do whatever you want, but do it with at least a little bit of thought.

Afterthought: I would like to inform my readers that, without my knowledge, I wrote Advice Nerd on a totally fake question. It is my goal to answer questions truthfully and present correct information, so when I discovered that last issue’s question was fictional I knew I had to address it. I appreciate being sent questions, but making something up for me to talk about isn’t going to make things better. I stand by my advice for those who read last issue’s Advice Nerd, but in the future I would rather help someone with a real problem. Thank you.