‘Brothers’ Documentary a sucess



“Without further ado, here’s ‘Brothers’,” Fermin Irigoyen, professor of speech communication, said after an introduction of his documentary, Brothers.

The documentary was screened on Wed. Sept. 28 in Skyline’s main theater to a full room of students, faculty and community members. The audience gave Irigoyen thunderous applause as his first feature documentary began.

The documentary introduced Irigoyen’s older brother Bernard Irigoyen and Irigoyen’s nephews, Taigon and Eben Irigoyen. There were also three other sets of brothers shown. The youngest set of brothers were 20 -year- old Kevin McKellar and his older brother 22 year old Mike McKellar. Tanner Boeger, 30, and Dusty Boeger, 33, were the second set of brothers. The last pair were the eldest brothers, Art and Pablo Gonzalez. Art Gonzalez is 47 while his brother is 50. The McKellar brothers are former Skyline students and were both students of Irigoyen’s. Irigoyen found the Boegers off craigslist. Pablo Gonzalez is the EOPS counselor at Skyline.

The documentary was split into six sections showcasing different things that add to the bond of brothers. The interviews in the video included memories that bonded the brothers, raising children and similarities they brothers shared.

At the screening Both McKellar brothers and the elder Gonzalez were in attendence. The three of them and Irigoyen participated in a question and answer session after the screening. Two microphones were set up in the audience inviting anyone to ask a question of the filmmaker or of the brothers.

A question was asked what the incentive was and why the brothers wanted to participate in the documentary.

“Did you see the Brooke Burke calendar behind me?” the older McKellar brother asked. “Fermin gave it to me, that was incentive for me.”

Skyline’s EOPS counselor thought the documentary wouldn’t be quite the ordeal it was.

“I thought it would be quick and easy,” Gonzalez said to a room full of laughs. “I saw the questions and I wanted to explore them. I wanted to see how my brother would answer these questions.”

There was one hitch during the filming that Irigoyen experienced with the McKellar brothers.

“Kevin and I had the opportunity to [be filmed] twice,” Mike McKellar said. “The first recording process, the audio wasn’t working. What you saw was the second try. If it wasn’t authentic, it was the second try. It wasn’t Fermin’s fault; it was the microphones and Pablo’s.”

The brothers who were at the screening all agreed that the documentary was something they were happy to be involved in.

“We love it,” the younger McKellar said. “It is an accurate description of our relationship.”

At the screening, Gonzalez said the documentary was much more than he had expected.

Fermin Irigoyen wasn’t nervous when he presented his documentary and was relieved when it was all over.

“I felt good when I finished it,” Irigoyen said. I see areas that need improvement. I’m happy with my first feature film documentary.”

Irigoyen said his next documentary will again showcase brothers but form a different angle.