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There are times in a person’s life when they just need to get up and get happy. The Pattern is one band that I can guarantee will make you want to get up and shake your groove thing. The Pattern is pure bay area rock ‘n’ roll, with powerful guitar, fat bass licks and a drum beat you can get down to. You can’t help but love The Pattern no matter what type of music scene you align your self with. The Pattern was formed by Chris Appelgren, president of LOOKOUT records, and a whole slew of other talented players from bands off of the label. The band has an indie-rock feel that one can get down to.

One of the best albums I have heard in a long time is The Pattern’s “Real Feelness”. This album is a non-stop rockation, that you can shake, shimmy, and even boogie to if you dare. It is just one of those albums that at the start of almost every track someone will say “ohhh, I love this song!” and start to sing along. One of my personal favorites on this album is “Thunder Us”, a song with awesome musical work and catchy lyrics and a chorus that goes “straddle my heart; saddle my part.” The song feels like one of those songs that you would drive around in your car singing at the top of your lungs, or dancing around to in your living room when you think no one is watching, but in reality your next door neighbor is looking in though your window, laughing his butt off at you. Real Feelness is one heck of an album and if you don’t check it out you surely will be sorry! With powerful guitar and drum based songs about falling in love with strippers, or falling for your friend’s sister, this album is chock full of dance rock. Chris Appelgren’s vocals sound like he is doing this for no other reason than to have fun and make music, which gives the album a very cool feel. There is also a good mix of slowed down mellow songs and some fast-paced jams.

So if you are looking for a band you can really shake your groove thing to with high energy songs and wonderful lyrics about love and life, I must say that The Pattern is definitely for you.