Basketball falls to Foothill at last second

Skyline faced Foothill College on Feb. 5 for a long, exciting game that wasn’t decided until the very last second.

The Trojans battled it out with the Owls into double-overtime and lost at the buzzer.

“We played OK,” said Coach Justin Piergrossi. “I am a little disappointed. I thought we had the win.”

Both teams had enthusiastic fans and big cheering sections, but the Trojans’ fans sounded more passionate, stomping and chanting “Defense!” every time the Trojans were defending their basket.

The first half showed the Trojans fighting hard and playing well, just not quite energized. At the end of the half the score was 26-20 in Foothill’s favor.

At the beginning of the second half, Skyline came out looking alive and energized, ready to take the game back.

The Trojans began making most shots attempted. The team had five three-pointers in less than two minutes as they were hustling and running hard.

With 10 seconds left in regulation play, the Trojans were up by three points, but Foothill got three more of their own to stay in the game.

The score was tied 54-54 as the teams prepared to play in overtime. Five minutes were put on the scoreboard as the teams started with the tipoff, each team trying to grab the ball. In overtime play, the Trojans were up by five until the Owls came back to tie.

The teams ended overtime, again tied, which brought them into double-overtime. The score was 59-59 as double-overtime began. Both teams battled it out to 68 points each. With just one second left to go, Foothill scored the two points needed to take the game. The ending score was 70-68 in the Owls’ favor.

Despite being defeated, Coach Piergrossi still has complete confidence in his team.

“I thought we showed strong improvement,” Coach Piergrossi said. “I’m happy with the guys effort. I just wanted our goal to be competitive and we have met that goal.”

In the Foothill game there were a few leaders. Franklin McCoy led with 19 points, six of 10 from the field, two for four at the free-throw line, and five out of six for three-pointers. He also had three steals and three rebounds. Filip Popovic had 14 points. Popovic was six of eight in the field, two for two for three-pointers, and had five rebounds. Marques Benjamin, the team’s point guard, also had a great game, scoring six points, nine assists and six rebounds.