Lady Trojans have high hopes for 2004 season

Coach Corsiglia and team look foreward to repeating the success of last year. (Diana Diroy)

Coach Corsiglia and team look foreward to repeating the success of last year. (Diana Diroy)

Coming off a successful season, the Skyline women’s soccer team looks forward to duplicate their success and go beyond.

Talent-wise, the Trojans have 11 or 12 solid players with experience and don’t have many weaknesses position-by-position. The team is talented but young, but once they get accustomed to the style of play and their teammates, they will do fine.

Coming off a playoff season, there is an expectation to maintain for the Lady Trojans. When Kevin Corsiglia began coaching the women’s soccer team five years ago, he wanted to try to get better every year and build a program. In his fourth year, they turned a corner and got a few players and developed a solid team.

“Our expectations are to continue to develop as a program, Corsiglia said. “Five years is not a long time to be around. We are trying to establish ourselves with a respectable program, not take a step backwards. If there are any goals, we would like to make it back to the playoffs; we would like to have another successful season. The main thing is, we don’t want to take a huge step backwards from where we are going.”

Before last season, nobody took the women’s soccer team seriously. The Trojans played with a chip on their shoulder. Now this season team will not take them as lightly, and opponents will have to play hard against the Trojans, so the surprise factor is gone now.

With the remaining preseason games to be played, what Coach Corsiglia would like to get out of his players is an opportunity to get comfortable with each other on the field, become comfortable with what they want to do on offense and defense, and raise their level of fitness.

“[Recent games] count obviously towards our overall record in terms of seeding for the playoffs,” Corsiglia said. “They are important in that respect. If we went 3-3, I would be happy. Obviously 4-2 would be better at this point. If we can get out of preseason with a little better understanding of how to play together and a better understanding of how I want them to play, that would be a successful start.”

Coast Conference play begins Sept. 28 with a rematch against Ohlone College in Fremont.