Spring forward into the season with new looks!

With Spring just around the corner, we're here to guide you with fashion tips

Photos by Nataly Gutierrez

Welcome spring! Even though the current weather doesn’t seem to be for Spring, I have a couple of school outfits that I want to show you guys. I’ve always loved winter clothes and shoes, whether its turtlenecks, boots, sweaters, leather jackets.

Since I really don’t go out a lot, what is a better way to dress nicely for school since I’m always here! I love dressing comfortable and practical especially when I take the time to plan my outfits over the weekend when I’m not that busy. Therefore, when the week starts, I already have in mind what I’m going to wear to school.

My outfits for school have been very cozy, especially since the weather has been variant. One day it’ll rain, the next day the sun will come out, so realistically the weather is inconsistent. Some clothing essentials that you may need to dress cozy and comfortable for this spring semester would be putting on your favorite boots, leather jacket, leggings, and of course your favorite sweater; you can never go wrong with sweaters they keep you extra cozy.

For my first outfit, I’m wearing my all time favorite ZARA leggings, my black leather jacket that I cannot live without, my black booties, and my grey turtleneck that I bought at ZARA, it keeps me extra cozy! For accessories, I’m just wearing my hoop earrings.

Now that I’m done showing you that outfit, let’s go on to the next outfit, this look is another practical and cozy outfit that I have decided to wear. I am wearing a turtleneck sweater in the color black that I bought at ZARA, a pair of Levi’s jeans; I love Levi’s! I just bought some the other day and all I can say that they’re now my favorite jeans. Lastly, I’m wearing my Michael Kors belt and my favorite black booties.

Finally, for my last outfit I will be showing you guys contains me wearing a green sweater that has some really cool sleeves, a pair of Levi’s jeans, and my black booties. For the accessories, I am wearing some hoop earrings that I bought at Claire’s; you know that you can never go wrong wearing some hoop earrings, they give my outfits an extra cute look.

You can combine leggings and jeans with practically everything! They are so essential, you even look dressed up if you combine them with a really nice sweater, jacket, leather jacket with a scarf, booties, etc.

Some of my favorite clothing stores to shop at are Marshall’s, ZARA, Levi’s, and BEBE. I like to shop at these stores because they carry my style of clothing and it may be a little pricey to others, however; I love all the trends they come out with.

These super cozy and comfortable outfits can be worn for school, dates, when you hang out with your girlfriends, or any other event.