Arte Hispano-Americano brings rich history to Skyline College


The artwork shown is part of an exhibit called Breaching Walls, which displays paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures with Latin American influence. The majority of the artists are 20th century Mexican or Mexican American artists; many are world famous today.

This exhibit focuses on the use of symbolism that have cultural importance spanning over centuries. Many of the artists, such as Luis Carlos Bernal use their art to communicate a personal message.

“My images speak of religious and family ties I have experienced as a Chicano,” says Bernal in a quote found in the exhibit’s magazine. “I have concerned myself with the mysticism of the Southwest and the strength of the spiritual and cultural values of the barrio.”

Through the exhibit’s magazine you can see the life stories of the artists whose work is displayed, why they began creating, and what their primary goals are when creating their artwork.

Skyline College was granted the right to show these artists’ work through the friendship of Skyline Professor, Arthur Takayama and the owner of the works, Lorenzo Hernandez. Due to this exhibit, Skyline College is following its mission of, “empowering and transforming a global community of learners”.