Don’t get mad, get plaid!

Plaid’s 3,000 year history would make you think that it would fall out of style. But the classic style of the print and the many variations of colors, fabrics, and pieces it comes in allows for the continuity of the trend.

Plaid is mostly associated with Scottish attire. According to, plaid referred to a Celtic blanket, or kilt, that served as an outer layer to battle the Highland climate. Plaid was then appropriated by American and British manufacturers, who fashioned the patterned fabric which mirrored tartan, a Scottish Highland traditional pattern used to distinguish clans. In the 19th century, the pattern was brought over from Europe to the U.S. where plaid became synonymous with the stereotypical “lumberjack” attire.

There are mixed feelings about the old school fabric. Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor that makes everyone suddenly want to be decked out in plaid. Some girls look to Cher from 1990’s “Clueless” as a fashion muse when she wore her famous yellow plaid blazer and skirt .Fashion is notorious for being cyclical, save for the school girl uniform, plaid has made a comeback from the 90’s, much like high waisted pants and oversized denim jackets.

Famed for being the hipster pattern of choice, the changing seasons call for a bolder plaid style. While mostly available as flannels or scarves, a more daring look may be to go for plaid cigarette pants that are a little cropped and taper at the ankle a la 50’s style, or to try a plaid coat, bringing instant wood cabin vibes to your fall look. Black,grey, or white plaid is a safe style choice but a red plaid piece can also stand the test of time. Smaller plaid prints can be a little distracting, so it’s always a good idea to pair it with a solid color.

Part of the versatility of plaid is the many ways in which it has been worn. It’s a common pattern seen on outdoorsy types (check out the Bounty guy), especially when worn with a beanie. Plaid looks work appropriate when worn in more structured shapes, and effortless when accessorized as a scarf. With more affordable companies like Uniqlo, ASOS, and Forever 21 jumping on the trend, there is no reason you can’t (pumpkin) spice up your wardrobe in time for the holidays!

Today, the tartan print can be found on nearly everything—phone cases, skirts, pants, and even couch cushions. Rihanna’s Fenty Puma line features the plaid pattern and we all know that Rihanna is one of the biggest fashion trendsetters in the modern age. No matter what form plaid manifests itself as, it will never go out of style.