Tips on getting into the police academy


Marcin Wichary/Creative Commons

The acceptance rate of a lot of police academies are low, and it’s even harder to graduate. Make sure this job is for you before putting in the hard work.

Being a police officer is one of the most respectable and commendable careers out there. The responsibility that these men and women hold cannot be understated. If you are interested in becoming a police officer, here are some tips on taking a step forward and getting in the police academy.

The goal is to get accepted into the police academy, but the academy doesn’t just take anyone who applies. Police academies have a rigorous program, and they only pick people who have the potential to pass.

As with all careers, building an attractive resume is the key to success. Once you have built one, then you can confidently apply to the academy with the hope of being accepted.

So what can you do to build a resume that will help you get accepted?

“Joining the military can help you,” recently recruited Officer Michael Reilly said. “Working in security, loss prevention, and a college degree are all key factors into building your resume.”

Reilly is a former Skyline student that was recently accepted into the police academy and started his training about a month ago. The most emphasis he put on in applying was to get your degree.

“Majority of the people at the academy have one, it’s the basis of what you need,” Reilly said.

Like most careers, a degree greatly increases your chances in getting accepted during an application process. Experience also helps, which is why Reilly advised working in security or loss prevention.

A job at Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the security checkpoints at airports, would also look great on a resume. Of course the time spent there will tailor your experience differently that a security guard at a mall, but nevertheless it makes your resume look flashy.

If that job doesn’t cut out, then maybe something minor like a loss prevention job at a Ross, Sears, or any retail store. Regardless, you will have something on there to give you a chance in getting accepted at the police academy.

The best way to go about this would be to start small and then go big. Start at a loss prevention position at a retail store. While working that job, you should be enrolled in classes to attain a degree. The type of degree that would best tie in with a police officer wouldbe a degree in administration of justice.

Reilly took this exact path of starting small and then rising up. He recommends this route, as it shows far more than just job experience.

“Experience and the show of growth gains their admiration for you,” Reilly said.

Eventually, once you feel you have experienced enough or put in enough time, apply to a higher security job like TSA.

Becoming a police officer is not an easy path, but nothing is ever easy. There is always going to be a lot of grit put in to make your career come true. As long as you are determined and confident, becoming a police officer will be a rewarding path to follow.