Breaking the semester off


Andrew Avilla/The Skyline View

Students are given a break during the semester to refresh, but also relect on themselves and find new things.

Skyline students are past the “hump” of their semester before summer. While some choose to enroll for more classes, others choose to take a break. Those are the people that believe long breaks from school are an absolute necessity for a successful learning experience.

And they may be right, because two days off in a week just isn’t enough for someone to live a life outside of school. Students need to recover from the stress caused by the academic and social standards placed onto them by their peers, parents and teachers. Jo Calhoun of believes that students tend to excel more in their school work after taking time off from it.

“Time away from school can be a huge benefit for students’ maturity level and can also provide time for goal setting and clarification,” Calhoun said.

Spring, summer, and winter break are great because they are chances for a student to do whatever they want without the obligations of school holding them back. For example, spring break can be a time for hanging out with friends or a chance to be with family.

“I would usually spend the week [spring break] at my grandparents,” Skyline student Christina Rosa said. “My aunt would hold an Easter party nearby and we would play several games with the family. Everyone would just enjoy each others’ company.”

“Back in high school I spent my spring break typically at home,” Skyline student Maithan Seludo said. “Just playing video games and basketball the whole week.”

The idea of a break grows and changes like a tree. A person might have spent their breaks in high school playing video games and now decides to spend it at a wet t-shirt contest because they’re in college and they can. Sometimes people just don’t want to do things the same way they did before, even without realizing that’s what they want.

It is just like outgrowing a pair of socks: the change is inevitable. To help embrace the inevitable, a positive suggestion is to spend their time off from college travelling somewhere far, appreciating the time it takes to get there. An uncommon word used to describe this would be “wanderlust.”

“I may have the opportunity to go to Colorado to visit my mom,” Skyline student Joe Warren said.

To go on a wanderlust, one must go where they have previously never been and explore the new sights all around them. They can try new things and meet new people. A wanderlust is a unique way to celebrate time off.

For example, if a person has never been to the Philippines and would like to explore one of the cities there, they would board a flight there and check out whatever it has to offer. That’s a wanderlust. But one person’s wanderlust is not the same as everybody’s wanderlust.

A trip can be just a long walk from home to downtown. Another example could be a hike to the top of a mountain. It isn’t at all necessary for a wanderlust to be very far. All that matters is how the moment to the distance is enjoyed.

“I believe people should make people feel free because you’re off school with no homework,” Seludo said. “It’s a time to hangout with friends and try to do stuff productive so you spend your break right.”

Life should be an experience. The precious time given should not be taken for granted. It should be valued for what it is: priceless.