Tango takes Skyline

A variety of characters plunge into the world of Argentine tango: people of all ages, male and female, seduced by the power of an electric confrontation between two people, two bodies moving as one to a sensuous, almost other-worldly set of pulsing rhythms.

This scenario is repeated thousands of times all over the world: any big city, any night, often to 3 a.m., suggesting the attraction of an imperious, mysterious and addictive compulsion. And so what’s in it for us? Buenos Aires, Paris, London etc. are just not featured in most students’ vacation plans.

But did you know Argentine tango is available here in San Bruno? Better yet, here on campus at Skyline College? Can you imagine yourself meeting new people with a mere look and a nod? It’s that easy. When you speak the language of Argentine tango, in a matter of minutes you gain a wealth of knowledge about a new friend, through touch and the subtlety of nuanced movements that quickly reveal two people to one another.

Full disclosure folks: it takes more than a couple of classes to become an expert, but you can learn enough to keep you dancing for a lifetime in one semester. And the learning can be fun too: joyous, awkward moments suffered gladly, and often with a laugh are a price well worth paying. It all depends on the learning situation; and we have a great one here at Skyline.

What do world-class professional ballet dancers do when the time for performing lead roles tapers off?

One such top-notch dancer made over a dozen pilgrimages to Buenos Aires, seeking out world-renowned teachers and applying the incredible discipline learned in the world of ballet to soak up the intricacies and authentic spirit of Argentine Tango. This man is here, on our campus fervently passing on the learning and wisdom wrenched from the heart of the capital of Argentine Tango.

There is a community built up around these classes taught by Ken Delmar, some of the students get involved for years, five years is not uncommon. And the enthusiasm never lets up: good kind people, often Ken’s friends and supporters, giving time, effort and even expensive dance shoes to needy students, enlarging the circle of enthusiasts.

A standard reply when the new dancer protests-“I am just a beginner,” is “we love beginners.” And it’s true, Ken Delmar is just as popular for his friendly attitude as his comfortable, easy-to-take teaching style. He provides the most essential ingredient for learning a dance skill: a warm supportive environment. This helps everyone relax and learn, as people help one another. So if you choose to dive into a world of music, movement and friendship, know this: you could end up loving it for a lifetime.

But if it’s that good, why isn’t the whole world dancing? More specifically, why aren’t more Skyline students fighting to get on the dance floor? Is it because guys dislike the idea of holding a girl in their arms? Is it because girls hate the idea of moving to music, or meeting new guys? Is it because couples dislike the idea of dancing in an embrace? How about “I’m too shy” or “too short,” “too heavy,” or anything like that? A good dance program like this one, prides itself on making everyone comfortable. They want you to enjoy dancing, they don’t want to let you down. Hey, you can always drop if the class doesn’t measure up. Better yet, visit a class to see what it’s like. All you have to lose is a lifetime of enjoyment.

Here’s a sad truth: in the current climate of tight budgets, dance classes are disappearing. as they fail to meet ever-rising demands for higher and higher enrollments. So grab’em while they’re going. Learning to dance is less convenient and more expensive off-campus.

Available Wednesday and Friday evenings in both tango and social dance classes.