Dr. Cornel West due to speak on Skyline College

On Sep.11, at the Skyline College theater, Dr. Cornel West will be speaking as part of the college’s ongoing lecture series. The lecture will be a one-hour event from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m and is sponsored by the student government, the President’s Innovation Fund, the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development, and the African-American Success Through Excellence and Persistence program.

Dr. West was scheduled to speak last semester, however he was unable due to illness and, as a result, it was rescheduled to this semester.

The events took months to organize. The idea originated in the ASTEP program and eventually grew as the campus community worked together to make it a reality.

“I think it was a wonderful team effect,” Nathan Jones, an Associate Professor said in regards to the amount of energy and planning that was required to finally have Dr. West speak on campus.

The event will be first come first served in regards to seating, however the Center for Student Life is trying to contact people who booked a seat in spring and ensure that they get a chance to attend the event.

The Skyline College Lecture Series is a long running program that has been occurring on campus the last couple of semesters, with the previous Lecture Series event featuring well-known author and educator Tim Wise, who spoke to a room packed with students and professors from throughout campus.