Coming up… Double Vision: photographic portraits from Cuba & Ghana

Beginning on September 2, the event Double Vision: Photographic Portraits from Cuba & Ghana takes over Skyline’s Art Gallery located in room 121, inside building 1. The event lasts one month, ending on October 3.

According to Skyline’s Art Gallery website, Bay Area photographer Bill Scull will be sharing his photographs from the three trips he has taken to Havana, Cuba in the last four years.

“The Cuban people truly have heart in every sense,” Scull said. “Cubans are incredibly warm and welcoming people. Happily, they separate us as individuals from our country’s embargo, which really hurts their economy and their livelihoods.”

This is a quick, free way to get a glimpse into the daily lives of the people of Havana. The sprawling city hosts a population of over two million.

Scull will also be sharing photographs taken during the six month period he lived in Ghana. The photographs taken in Ghana are from the fishing village of Jamestown.

“I fell in love with the spirit and nobility of the Jamestown fisherman and woman,” Scull said. “My camera is a witness to the endless set of perfect moments that stream by, often unnoticed. I wait to capture that instant when nothing is going on but everything is revealed … when a story is told or a connection made … when separations dissolve. My work succeeds if you find yourself daydreaming about the life of another.”

With Scull’s ability to capture an individual’s personality in a single snapshot, this looks like an event worth checking out. Especially for those Skyline students interested in seeing how people from other parts of the world live.

For more information on the showing, check out Skyline’s Art Gallery website: