Saving Money With Psychological Services

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Skyline College has the resources you need in Psychological Services, and is free to all enrolled Skyline students.

Every single person has low points when they feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, grief or drug use concerns, Skyline will help you. The counselors there help at least 100 students a semester. Even if they cannot give you the help you need, they will direct you toward help while keeping in mind your health care plan.

These services are available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day except Friday, and even give drop-in counseling services at noon. The psych counseling office is located in bldg. 2 in room 209, at the back of the counseling department near the Health Center.

Therapy sessions last about 45 minutes and you can go as many times as you need for them to give you the help you need. Crisis counseling is available as well.

“The average cost for a psychotherapy session in San Mateo County right now runs between $120-175 an hour. Now that’s without insurance. Now, if you have insurance, it might be a $10 copay or a $15 copay; something like that,” psychological services counselor Beverly Muse said.

Free help can be hard to come by, and you’re already paying for this help when you pay tuition. This can be an immensely valuable resource for anyone who isn’t covered under insurance. They can also show those who have never sought help where to go first and how to cope.

These counselors are also very experienced with helping college-age people who are feeling stress. Failed a test and got a lump in your throat? They can help you. Do you feel in danger at home? They can help you and no one has to know, even if you have no money. This means no tedious forms or excuses not to go.

Muse and Elizabeth Llamas both see 60 students a semester and are licensed mental health professionals. Just like at any doctor’s office, both are legally obligated to confidentiality unless a student poses a serious risk to themselves or others. They aren’t the stuffy inquisitors some dread in therapy as well; they’re kind, ready to listen and to extend a hand.

The counselors have plenty of resources if you feel awkward talking face-to-face as well. Hotlines such as 800-273-TALK are available for any student in crisis, even in the wee hours of the night.

Psychological services aren’t just for “crazy” people; the counselors will help you through anything from relationship problems or even changes in sleep patterns. They will listen to any of your problems and can provide insight when you need it most. If you’re having suicidal thoughts, there’s no need to lose hope when help is an appointment away

“We can talk about any issue. The only thing we don’t work on is what school you’re going to transfer to,” Muse said.