Snow Day at Skyline College


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Students, children, and members of the community come out on the 7 to enjoy 20 tons of snow which the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) brought to campus in celebration of christmas.

“We (the student government) that it would be a great way for student to unwind before fnals so that they can have in the snow” said Commissioner of Activities Kayla D. Louis.

The event started at 10 a.m. on the small hill next to building four and a short distance from the roundabout. Parents, whether they were students, staff, or members of the community, also brought their children to the snow day and students were present sliding down the small hill.

In addition, the children from the Childcare center were also present at the event and were able to enjoy themselves sliding down the hill on the snow.

The student government provided saucers and sleds for everyone to use during the day however they limited and everyone was encouraged to bring their own, just in case that there wasn’t enough for everyone to use. However a delay meant that that the Food Truck Senor Sisig wasn’t present on the 7 during snow day.

Pizza was also provide by the student government at mid-day for everyone and clubs were also present.

The event was originally planned for the 5 however due to the weather it was delayed to the the 7 which turn out well for everyone.