Watch Irwin Gonzales on Youtube

Skyline Student Irwin Gonzales serenades his Youtube viewers with song.

Screenshot by Anacani Serrato/The Skyline View

Skyline Student Irwin Gonzales serenades his Youtube viewers with song.

Artist Irwin Gonzales is an upcoming YouTube sensation. From singing covers like Death Cab for Cutie and writing his own song Bestfriend, Skyline’s Student Irwin Gonzales, sings beautifully and has his own channel on YouTube.

He has been playing the guitar for some years now but only writing his own songs for one year, although
it is hard to notice from the wide variety of videos and views he has on his YouTube channel.

Although most of the musicians in his family only did it as a hobby, he has them to be thankful for. “My friends & family…A few still attend Skyline and a few who have moved on to other schools.

These guys will always be known as “The Music Group” a few of these names included Roosevelt Head, Chris Calara, John Cruz, Jeremy Landicho, Brian Dublin. They are also independent artists making a name for themselves on YouTube too!” said Irwin about his inspirations.

Thanks to his family and friends Irwin was able to overcome his struggles as an artist.

Writers block and progression block have been his main struggles. When he has a particular idea for
a song, he will write and write, but then get stuck, making it harder to go back and finish. He learned
that with patience these problems diminish on their own and he would soon go back to what finish the songs he had started.

Irwin pays homage to his artistic inspirations which include Jeremy Passion, Gabe Bondoc, Ne-yo and Jimmy Needham, just to name a few. These artists were carefully selected because each one of them inspired something different.

His goal is to write like Ne-yo, Gabe Bondoc inspired him to pick up a guitar, and Jimmy Needham’s song to his fiancé struck a nerve of inspiration.

His original song Re-Iterated with over 1,000 hits on YouTube was inspired by his girlfriend. “It
told a story about us. It was definitely inspired by our relationship.” said Irwin.

Irwin’s writing technique also helped get his song Re-Iterated to capture his audience on YouTube. He states, “Well, I try to put my listeners into my shoes, my goal is to make my listeners feel what
I felt, or see what I saw.” This promotes heavy imagery in his songs and helped his video be a success.
Irwin continues to strive to be a better artist and with the help and inspiration that is all around him,
success should be right around the corner. Take a look for yourself.