Skyline’s own DeShawn Davis is a musical entrepreneur

DeShawn Davis plays a wide variety of instruments, including the piano.

Photo courtesy of DeShawn Davis.

DeShawn Davis plays a wide variety of instruments, including the piano.

Skyline College is home to a lot of talent, whether it be sports, academics, art, or music. DeShawn Davis is no exception. DeShawn is a 24-year-old aspiring music producer, entrepreneur and founder of Dream Ear Productions.

DeShawn came to Skyline about a year and a half ago, majoring in business and multimedia and plans to get his Associates Degree before moving on to bigger and better things. He takes part in many school-wide activities at Skyline College. DeShawn participates with the Black Student Union and the Expressions, which try to break the stereotypes imposed on it by teaching the origins and explains what black music really is.

DeShawn is someone who is nothing short of charismatic and friendly.

“DeShawn will make you laugh, always,” said Skyline College student Jeremy Rigling.

The young entrepreneur started making music at a young age, and built the foundation of his musical talent from that point onward. DeShawn has won awards for his work, one of which being the Global Young Entrepreneurs of the Year award in 2011.

“So when I started I was 15, and the YMCA had a studio, and I just started making beats,” said DeShawn. “Before I knew it I was addicted, and the power of it, that you could create whatever you want, make it sound however you want; it’s the power of creation.”

DeShawn makes a wide variety of music, loving every moment of it.

“Rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, hip-hop fusion, alternative, movie scores, symphonies, house, dubstep and things that I don’t even have names for,” said DeShawn when asking just what kind of music he makes.
Making music is no simple task; it takes a lot of hard work and a passion for music.

“First, you have to get your studio set up and understand your software programs,” said DeShawn when asking him how he makes his music. “Before you know it you’re making beats.”

As DeShawn’s passion and understand for music grew, he began to expand into becoming a producer, starting Dream Ear Productions, a music recording studio located in San Francisco he founded in 2004.

“What we do at Dream Ear is, if a rapper needs anything, or a singer needs anything, you need a place to write, you need a beat, mixing, mastering, or any other help, we got you,” said DeShawn. “It’s kind of a one-stop-shop, if an artist needs anything, we got them covered.”

DeShawn is constantly producing new things, never feeling fulfilled.

“I actually have something, it’s called the Dream Ear project right now, I haven’t given it an official title yet,” said Deshawn when asking him whether or not he was working on anything right now. “I have about 10 artists, two directors, photoshoppers and special effect artists to make this big hip-hop musical type project.”

Even during the current pieces he is currently doing, he is always looking into the future.
“I’ll never be satisfied; I’ll be satisfied once I get my $500 million.”

DeShawn is striving to be the next big thing, and with his intense passion and talent for music, he soon may well be.