Clearing the air about lung awareness

Clearing the air about lung awareness

On Wed., March 7, Skyline College will host the first annual “Clear the Air” Film Festival in the college’s main theatre. Skyline’s Respiratory Therapy Club has teamed up with Breathe California to promote lung awareness through a student film competition. High school and college students from around the Bay Area will be participating at the event, competing for the several prizes and awards that will be up for grabs.

Breath California has been advocating the importance of clean air in the Bay Area since 1908, by fighting to reduce the effects of tobacco use and helping those living with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases such as asthma and emphysema. Genentech, Safeway, Inter Mune, Green Bamboo, and Bay Area Air Quality Management District make up the list of organizations sponsoring the event.

Skyline’s Respiratory Therapy club has been actively involved in programs and events geared towards giving back to the community by fundraising for programs and teaching others about the importance of lung health. Club members have also submitted entries of their own for the competition.

Faculty adviser Ray Hernandez shared the past successes the Respiratory Therapy Club has had in the past, as when they won state competitions in previous years.

“What makes these events special is that our students are giving back to the community in a different way,” Hernandez said.

Skyline will be represented at the event by first-year Respiratory Therapy Club students Benjamin Basto and Andrew Young, who have both submitted multiple entries for the event.

“I know that Raymond and Andrew submitted films. I haven’t seen them, but I know they’re really excited for the festival,” said Raymond Chung, a first-year student in the program. “A couple of our classmates helped, so we all can’t wait to check it out.”

Prizes won’t be limited to just participants at the event. Anyone donating $20 will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Kindle Fire at the event.

Tickets are being sold at a sliding scale of $1 to $20 with proceeds benefiting the Respiratory Therapy Club and Breathe California.