Food festival at school!

The Asian Food Festival is a way to celebrate the rich and colorful heritage of Asian culture.

Business Professor Hui Pate and organizers hosted the food festival on the afternoons of Sept. 12 and 14 at the Skyline College Quad. They did this as part of the annual celebration of Asian heritage. The festival included Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese food. The event was a great success with the Skyline community as they sold out right away on both days. Students agreed that the food was great and something different. “The food is really good and really affordable-definitely flavors that you can’t get at the school cafeteria every day,” mentioned Skyline student Spencer Ray.

Chinese bread dough, sushi, curry puff, and Chinese hot dogs were all items on the menu. The festival’s purpose is to support the Asian Studies Center. Professor Pate mentioned that she came up with the idea of the Asian Culture week four years ago, with the ultimate goal of supporting the Asian Studies Center. The Asian Studies Center provides students with several services which include cultural education, training, helping students prepare to transfer, employment opportunities, travel, and studying abroad.

Asian culture week ended with a free screening of the Jet Li film “Hero” in the theater on Sept. 14 at 1 p.m.