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Tulsi Gabbard on stage in an event held in San Francisco on Feb. 29.

California Democratic Presidential Primary Takes Place on Super Tuesday

March 11, 2020

California and 13 other states voted on March 3, with expectations that Sen. Bernie Sanders would win m...

Editorial: Voting Matters, Do Your Research

November 25, 2019

You’ve heard many people tell you that voting matters. And truly, it does. Voting matters so much so because it is your vote that can impact change. Many countries around the globe do not allow their citizens to vote. And not too long ago, women couldn’t vote. Even today, there are some restrictions on who can vote...

College students need more motivation to go out and vote, especially since the President of the U.S. highly impacts the education system.

Non-voting Skyline students highlight larger issues

December 7, 2016

Nonvoting college students are usually uninformed or detached from the candidates Bobbee Calacal,...

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