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Love or Lust in the 21st Century

Lourdes Marie Gan, Staff Writer

February 20, 2019

Envision a world in which Instagram direct messaging and tweets do not exist. A world where “swipe left” or “swipe right” did not determine your desirability and could not enforce gender dynamics, nor place you in a box to be submitted into objectification. Enjoying life happily single, bound to no limits and in a society...

Love Game

Love Game

Mintzhet Tan, TSV Opinions Editor

November 11, 2017


Making the first move

Lauren Gozon, TSV Focal Point Editor

October 6, 2017

Digital technology, specifically smartphones have transformed several aspects of society, including dating. As much as dating has quickly changed over the years, there is still the expectation of rejection and embarrassment. Making the first move is never easy for girls and guys alike. A new study which questioned 891 single...

The importance of communication in relationships

Chris Christenson, TSV Opinions Editor

April 3, 2017

People have the misconception that relationships are meant to work in their favor, when in reality, it’s a two-way street. Being in a relationship means you are experiencing life with someone else. A relationship comes with a new set of responsibilities. Relationships are not built on good personality and looks, it is built...

The art of letting go – take your time

Miguel Garcia, TSV Multimedia Editor

May 22, 2016

Let’s face it, breaking up will never be easy; it will always hurt at least a little bit. Breakups can range from “I hate you, never come back into my life,” to “I just think it’s not working out for us, it’s best if we go our separate ways." But even the lightest of breakups can sting. Even then, we’re always...

Private pleasures may set you up for failure in the real world

Pornographic films can set high standards for both men and women.

May 6, 2016

There are a thousand ways for the young and inexperienced to explore sex and sexuality in healthy and...

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