The Quest for Six: The final part

Niners Fans Rejoice! The red and gold brigade have made it back to the promised land for the first time since 2013.

After seven seasons of agony and frustration, the San Francisco 49ers have made it to the Super Bowl LIV against the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami, Florida. They had quite a journey to get to this point. After a bye week because of getting the number one seed in the regular season, they faced the Minnesota Vikings and beat them in remarkable fashion, 27-10.

Then came the NFC Championship, where they faced the Green Bay Packers and beat them behind second string running back Raheem Mostert’s 29 rushing attempts for 220 yards and four touchdowns after Tevin Coleman, dislocated his shoulder during the game, he is currently questionable for the Super Bowl.

Now, they head to Miami to face the Chiefs, who, in their AFC Championship game beat the Tennessee Titans, who before they faced the Chiefs, shocked the Patriots and the Ravens both on the road. Small fun fact, Joe Montana, legendary quarterback who played for both the Niners and the Chiefs, made this bold statement on Twitter, “You heard it from me first. I Guarantee you this, my team will win the Super Bowl!” Now, for my keys to the game to how the Niners can hoist their sixth Vince Lombardi trophy.

Key #1: Stop Patrick Mahomes and his weapons

Patrick Mahomes has a lot of options on offense to throw to. Dangerous wide receivers in Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman and Sammy Watkins, and an incredible tight end in Travis Kelce. Niners fans shouldn’t be worried, because of their epic pass rush with Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Arik Armstead, Kwon Alexander, as well as a great defensive back corps led by Richard Sherman, who’s played in two Super Bowls back with the Seattle Seahawks

Key #2: Be two steps ahead of the coordinators

The success of the regular season came with not just some big names, but also with an amazing playbook. The defenses couldn’t figure out where the 49ers were going next. If they can do the same thing here on a bigger stage, Eric Bieniemy, offensive coordinator and Steve Spagnuolo, defensive coordinator of the Chiefs will be looking for ways on how to counter the Niners moves.

Key #3: Play a clean game

You wanna know why the 49ers were able to be so successful in the NFC Championship? It wasn’t just because the pass rush or Raheem Mostert setting records for rushing yards. It was because they played a relatively clean game in terms of penalties. In that game, they only had two penalties for ten yards to the Packers six penalties for 46 yards. If they can stay out of trouble and not make any stupid mistakes, they’ll do fine.

Niners fans have been waiting for too long to get back to the Super Bowl, and this I believe is the best chance they got. You can watch the Super Bowl on Fox Sunday, February 2nd at 3:30pm. For the non-sports fans, there is a halftime show featuring superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, as well as the strange and funny commercials that air during the breaks. The quest for six is on, who will come out victorious? You’ll have to watch and see.