Trojans are pummeled by Hartnell

The Skyline women’s soccer team was beaten to a pulp by the Hartnell Panthers in their home game on Tuesday evening; the final score was 7-0.

Starting the game versus Hartnell, the Trojans were looking to continue playing the solid defense they exhibited in their last two games, but they were unable to get it done.

The Panthers entered the pitch looking to send a message to the home team. Panthers player Julissa Quintana scored the first goal in just the ninth minute of the game.

Skyline’s defense broke down surprisingly fast and the team got caught on their heels by Hartnell’s intensity.

After giving up the first goal, Skyline moved the ball aggressively down the pitch, resulting in their best opportunity to score for the entire game. But Panthers goalie Lexandra Retamoza denied the Trojans’ chance to even up the score.

A huge kick by Retamoza put the ball deep in Skyline’s half of the field and resulted in Hartnell’s second goal by forward Alondra Partida. Skyline’s goalie Dahlia Nasrah was put in a tough position all game by Hartnell’s constant pressure.

The Panthers moved the ball effectively for most of the first half which pinned Skyline’s defense against their own goal. However, Nasrah, and the Trojans’ defense didn’t allow any more goals in the first 45 minutes.

“I think we could have done a lot better in communication and effort as a team. We need to pull it out of each other instead of relying on ourselves to do it,” said Skyline midfielder Braedyn Stone.

After halftime, Hartnell’s forward Belinda Ascencio netted back-to-back goals at the 47th and 49th minute, putting Skyline down four goals to zero.

Similar to the start of the game, the Panthers’ two goals to begin the second half completely took the air out of the Trojans. Hartnell was decisive throughout the game in the execution of their game plan as they continued to pummel Skyline.

“The main thing is they had patience. It was a hard team to break down, and what we preach is ‘have patience, it will come your way,’” Hartnell’s head coach, Ivan Guerrero said. “In soccer, that’s what it’s about. You stick to your game and try to break the team down. Eventually, they have to breakdown.”

After an accurate pass from Panther forward Joanna Martinez, Hartnell got their fifth goal in the 50th minute off the foot of freshman Lorena Gonzalez.

The Trojans struggled to keep possession of the ball and played a majority of the game on their own side of the field. With 40 minutes left in the game, Skyline and Hartnell made a few substitutions in the forward and midfield positions.

The Trojans received a little spark from the fresh legs that came off the bench, but that was short lived.

In the 57th minute, Jennifer Navarro walked in the Panthers’ sixth goal after beating Nasrah in a one-on-one. Nasrah charged out of the goal towards Navarro, in an attempted save but did not reach her in time.

Nasrah ended Tuesday’s game with 5 saves on 12 shots on goal. The Trojans’ demeanor on the field encompassed their fate.

But Hartnell wasn’t finished.

Freshman midfielder Dulce Avalos scored the Panthers’ final goal in the 57th minute off a short pass from fellow midfielder Teresa Aleman.

Skyline needs to tighten up their rotations on defensive switches and make sure that goal kicks from the opposing team are not going over their heads. Hartnells’ goalie, Retamoza, only had two saves, but her huge goal kicks had a huge impact on the enormous victory for her team.

The Trojans are playing City College of San Francisco (CCSF) on Oct. 5; if they plan on returning to the top-notch defense they showed in their previous two games, it is going to take team effort.

“It’s a whole team effort, and that’s one of the biggest things. It starts up top and all the way through, all 11 players and the players on the sideline,” Skyline Assistant Coach Daniel Link said. “It’s a learning experience. We’re a young team, it’s all about trying to make those strides every game.”

Looking to get back in the win column, Skyline’s next game is at CCSF at 4 p.m. on Oct. 5.