Is Derrick Rose’s career coming to an end?

Derrick Rose has yet to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers after suffering another injury; Rose is now contemplating retiring early.

As a basketball fan, it hurts me to believe that Rose is thinking about retirement. Although it would be devastating to see Rose leave the league at a low point, I would not blame him considering the series of injuries that have haunted him throughout his entire career.

A once rookie of the year, all-star and Most Valuable Player (MVP), Rose was on the track to becoming a first ballot hall of famer. On top of his on-court success, Rose also signed a $185 million shoe deal with Adidas.

However, year after year, Rose has found himself battling various injuries. Rose has injured most of his lower body which consists of multiple knee, ankle, groin and hamstring injuries. Rose throughout his career has always concerned the Cavaliers’ ownership and management due to his injuries.

At the age of 29, Rose was not where he thought he would be after dominating the league especially after being named the youngest MVP in league history.

After winning the 2010-2011 regular season Most Valuable Player award, Rose’s career spiraled downhill. After suffering an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury in the first round of game one of the 2012 playoff series, Rose never returned to his MVP self.

Rose’s play style on the court relied heavily on his athleticism. His first step used to blow by defenders was lost and he struggled due to his inability to consistently shoot from the perimeter. But what is worse than losing his athleticism is the loss of confidence in himself.

Rose was a beast. Whether it was hitting a step-back jumper or blowing by his defender only to posterize a seven foot basketball player, Rose’s confidence was through the roof early in his career. Coaches and former NBA players know what a series of serious injuries can do to an elite athlete. Eventually it begins to question one’s abilities to perform at a high level.

Rose once carried the pressure of carrying the Chicago Bulls to winning their first title since the dynasty Michael Jordan left in the 1990s. Injuries prevented that and instead of carrying his team to the promise land, Rose was traded to the New York Knicks. Maybe the loss of trust in the organization that raised him had something to do with his loss of confidence. However, many believed that leaving the Bulls was the best thing for Rose.

Finally, the pressure of being the second coming after Michael Jordan was off Rose’s back. Unfortunately, the injuries followed Rose to Madison Square Garden in a market that isn’t shy of booing players that do not perform to standards.

After his one season with the Knicks, Rose choose to join LeBron James in Cleveland. With point guard Kyrie Irving being traded before the 2017-2018 season Rose saw an opportunity to get back to winning with his once rival, Lebron James.

Yet the injuries struck Rose again in early November. Rose was expected to be back but opted to leave the team where he is now contemplating his retirement.

Some will say that Rose should return due to his contract with Adidas. Rose would leave $70 million at the door. However, Rose’s mental health should be everyone’s priority.

As a fan of Rose, it saddens me to see him perform sub-par to his extraordinary capabilities. Ultimately, the decision is on Rose and whatever he chooses, the basketball community should support him.