Is Ben Simmons the future of the NBA?

In only 10 games Ben Simmons has won many people over as their rookie of the year award winner and as an eventual NBA superstar.

Ben Simmons at the young age of 21 is already turning heads. He is special and he will no doubt be an All Star Caliber player. Missing his initial rookie season due to a foot injury, there were some concerns if the 6’10, 230 lb point guard could recover physically and mentally from missing an entire year of organized basketball. No doubt Simmons is living to the hype of being drafted number one overall by the Philadelphia 76ers and is already performing at an elite record.

In his first 10 games the rookie is averaging an incredible 18.0 points, 8.2 assists and 9.2 rebounds per game. Forget the rookie of the year award. Simmons is on pace to become an All-Star in his first NBA season. Simmons has also already recorded two triple doubles.

Watching the Simmons the first couple of games you see resembles of Magic Johnson and LeBron James. His 6’10 frame makes him taller than LeBron and Johnson. His ability to run the fast break creates a level of versatility and effectiveness that not many other bring to the table.

His frame makes him a matchup nightmare. Being 6’10 and a point guard makes the majority of the people he is defending or attacking a easier task. His perimeter play makes slower forwards harder to guard him.

Make no mistake Simmons is a true point guard. He is not a 6’10 forward running the point inconsistently, he’s been playing the position he’s been playing his entire life. Simmons is a true pass first point guard that can create for others and reach the rim whenever he’d like.

However, in reason Simmons will not reach his full potential within his first season. It may take years to achieve his full potential. He is still a rookie and he still need to mature. He needs to mature as a man and as a basketball player.

What separates the more athletics and younger elite players from the older players that are doing the majority of the winning is experience. Ten games is not enough for Simmons to throw him in the categories of the Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard of the world.

However no doubt, will he be passed down the torch by those players as one of the world’s elites.

LeBron has already taken a liking to Simmons and has publicly shared how much he believes in him as not only a player but as a person.

LeBron told CBS Sports, “Well, I think he’s a great young talent,” James said. “I think the way he displays on the basketball court, we all notice. I think we all don’t know just yet how great of a kid he is and how down to earth he is with the game of basketball and life in general.”

With the world watching and all the pressure given to Simmons he has shown great promise. There is no doubt that Ben Simmons will take the torch and be the NBA next future superstar.