Are the Cavs in trouble

The Cleveland Cavaliers are only 10 games into the season and their newly built roster is not gelling together.

If the playoff were to begin today the Eastern Conference defending champs would not even make the playoffs.The questions people are asking is if the Cavaliers and LeBron going to get it together by the time of the playoff.

With doubt in the building it is still difficult to bet against LeBron James. James is working with new players and still has yet to integrate them into his system. Cleveland is currently 5 and 6 with a winning percentage of .455.

This is not odd for a team lead by LeBron to have a slow start. No matter how much people doubt him he always ends up in the NBA Finals. But is this year different? Is the era of LeBron James coming to an end and we just don’t know it?

Currently the Cavaliers are nowhere nearly as talented as last season. With Isiah Thomas out the lost of Kyrie Irving left the Cavaliers with one dominant superstar in Lebron James. You can say that Lebron will have a lot to carry on his back the first half of the season until the supporting cast can get it together.

Lebron will need help from J.R Smith who has been struggling the first 10 games. Averaging only 5 points 2 rebounds and 2 assist a game is disappointing production from your starting shooting guard.

Another player that need to contribute more is Kevin Love. Love by no means is playing terrible. He is only play the role that he has been playing the past three years while in a Cleveland Cavalier Jersey. However Love is no longer third fiddle. Love is the second option. Averaging 16 points a game is not the production you want from the second best player on a championship team. Love should look to be much more aggressive and try and get back to the numbers he put up in Minnesota.

Off the bench the Cavaliers need more production from the newly acquired player Dwyane Wade. Wade may not be the same player he was in Miami, however 9 points a game is nowhere near the numbers the Cavaliers need to win.

Now the blame is all on Lebron right? No that is an absurd thing to ask. LeBron is Averaging 28 points 7.2 rebounds and 9.2 assist a game. LeBron James is preforming at an incredible level. Season starting injury seems to be something of the past. LeBron is doing his part and more. However his game relies on those around him to produces in order to to win basketball games.

The Cavaliers will turn it around whether its in the next 10 games or 60. LeBron James always finds a way to end up back in the finals competing for a championship.

LeBron needs help from his supporting cast in order for them to contend for a championship.