NBA MVP predictions

Lebron James may surprise the NBA by taking home the 2017-2018 MVP award by eating out fresh talent.

The NBA season is around the corner which result in whispers of early MVP predictions begin. At the age of 32 Lebron is at the end of his career. But by no means the mileage on this legs affecting his play on the court this season.

Lebron is notorious for taking care and rejuvenating his body during the off season. Coming off a finals lost Lebron has consistently posted his workout videos of his intense workouts on Instagram. Never have I seen Lebron so happy and motivated in his career.

Another X factor for Lebron is his reunion with Dwayne Wade one of Lebron’s closes friends. The new roaster built in Cleveland during the off season will also benefit Lebron’s odds to win another MVP.

All though Lebron’s supporting cast is still an exceptional squad, no one stands out to take credit for the Cavaliers success. Trading Kyrie to Boston has eliminated another big name super star from the picture.

Lebron will dominate because the talent that surrounds him best fit his style of play. Lebron has always benefit from have a arsenal of shooters on the three point line. JR. Smith, Kyle Korver, Kevin Love and Isaiah Thomas are just a couple of big names that can launch the ball beyond the arch. I didn’t even mention the remained of the roaster that will prosper just because their teammates with Lebron James.

People are quick to dismiss Lebron’s individual greatness. Lebron is fresh off an all time great performance in a NBA Finals that he lost. Lebron did what no one has ever done which is average a triple double in the finals.

Lebron James year in and year out is the greatest player on the planet. The reason he doesn’t win every year is because the NBA enjoys to spread the award out. But no player is more influential and impactful than Lebron James. Last year Lebron finished sixth in efficiency. With a consistent efficiency rate of 27 per game lebron at the age of 32 is only 3 points away from the league leader Russel Westbrook. This year expect nothing lower than an efficiency rate of 27. Expect nothing other than greatness from the man that has dominated the NBA the last decade.

Lebron will lead his team in assist and scoring as usual. And day in and day out Lebron will be given the toughest defensive assignment in crunch time.

Last year Lebron lead the league in minutes at 37 minutes a game. This year will be different due to the increase in depth in the bench. Lebron will have fresh legs throughout the season and fatigue will not be an X factor in diminishing his game.

Heading into the 2017-2018 NBA season Lebron is proven as one of the greats. However Lebron will look to impress the basketball world yet again.