NCAA vs. Student Athletes

Lavar Ball is making headlines after revealing his youngest son’s first signature sneaker, however; due to National College Athletic Association regulations it might jeopardize his basketball scholarship.

Lamelo Ball just unveiled his signature shoe called the “Melo Ball 1”, making him the first high school basketball player to have his own signature shoe.

At 16 years old, Ball already has verbally committed to UCLA. However, due to the launch of his new sneakers, Lamelo’s scholarship eligibility may be jeopardized due to the NCAA regulations.

The NCAA has a strict rule preventing their student athletes from profiting or benefiting from their athletic reputation and abilities. According to the the NCAA rule book, students are forbidden from compensation for participating in athletics, benefits from an agent or prospective agent.

“The NCAA ain’t going to tell me shit,” Lavar Ball, father of Lamelo said. “Because they’re not my boss”.

Lavar is obviously not shy on telling the media upfront how he feels. He does feel that making a direct attack toward the NCAA policy is far due to their hypocrisy. For many years now the NCAA has been profiting from their student athletes, especially men’s basketball and football. According to USA today The NCAA had total revenue of nearly $1 billion in 2014.

These athletes live to never see a share of the profits and in while at the same time lose out on endorsement deals. Lavar does not want his kids to miss out on millions of dollars. Lavar understands that Lamelo has already gained popularity through high school highlights. Lamelo is most popular for scoring 92 points in a high school game at Chino Hills.

By Lavar giving Lamelo a shoe deal at the age of 16, he is telling the NCAA that his son will not be taken advantage of. This may be a stepping stone for student athletes all across the country. Lavar and Lamelo Ball have put an immense amount of pressure on the NCAA.

The NCAA now has two choices in this scenario. The first being to label Lamelo ineligible and lose out on profits because Lamelo and Lavar at the end of the day produce views and views produce money.

Secondly the NCAA could allow student to market themselves and profit from their athletic abilities.

While Lamelo has yet to prove himself as a basketball player at the professional level, people cannot judge him for taking advantage of his privileged life. Many will argue that Lavar is taking advantage of Lamelo.

However people cannot discredit Lavar as a father figure. Lavar at the end of the day is just trying to set up his kids for success. Whether you agree with his parenting or not, Lavar has been nothing but an excellent father while making an honest living in the process.