Trojans extends Mission College’s losing streak to four


Gina Paratore

Carla Montanes (right) receiving a rally in a doubles game against Mission College in Santa Clara on April 14, 2016.

The Skyline College women’s badminton team swept the Mission College Saints in Santa Clara on April 14, with a final score of 18-3.

Although they were recovering from their last game, a tough loss of 20-1 against the top team in the state, Fresno City College, the Trojans came back hungry for a win.

“The team was not as strong as us,” Head coach Jan Fosberg said. “Even though we didn’t have to compete up to our highest level to beat them, we still kept up on our intensity.”

Fiona Lai and Vivian Tran played exceptionally well in their doubles game, keeping their level of play and intensity high even though their opposers were clearly no match for them.

Mission College seemed to have a lot of trouble returning the birdie and keeping the game in motion. Lai and Tran’s quick arm swings throughout the game racked up points quickly.

“The game overall went really well,” Skyline player Zarinah Garcia said. “It was a great way for us to see our progress and how we’ve been growing as individuals and as a team.”

Carla Montanes and Rachel Lum played a close doubles game against Mission College’s two best players, but lost due to an accumulation of unforced errors. They had many rally’s and returned the birdie well and kept their energy high.

The game was exciting to watch as it was very close in score. It kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

After the loss, the team’s score overall was 9-2 with Skyline in the lead, needing two more complete games to claim the win.

“We have improved a lot since last year,” Lai said. “On April 26 we have a home game against them so we will be more prepared this time.”

The Trojans competed to finish strong and ended with a whopping score of of 18-3. They now have a winning record of 3-2, and in their next game of the season they will be facing off in a home game against the Saints again.

“Mission College does not have as much experience as Skyline’s players do,” Fosberg said. “Their top two players are pretty steady, but the other players lack experience. Regardless they tried their hardest out there and had fun out on the court.”