Batter Up Skyline!

Skyline’s baseball team prepares to take the mound for the season’s first game.

This season, the team is a balanced roster of returning members and new freshmen players.

Head coach, Dino Nomicos, said that this is the largest roster that he’s had lately. The team consists of a lot of local kids; half are sophomores and half are freshmen. Nomicos said that Skyline’s team has the most local students out of any of the junior colleges in the district.

When asked what the prospects of the season are, Nomicos said that after finishing fourth last season, they hope to return from state first or second.

The team has been working towards this goal by practicing six days a week, since August, for three hours a day. Nomicos says that the dynamic of the team is heavily influenced by the sophomore players stepping up to guide and help the freshmen. There is also relatability for the players from their four new assistant coaches.

This season, Nomicos says that pitching is a focus of the season. There are many new pitchers who have come from high school and are preparing to participate in a whole different ball game.

“If you haven’t been through it yet, it’s an experience,” Nomicos said.

Nomicos also adds that they are more concerned with relief pitching this season but that the team is confident offensively and defensively.

“[this is] one of the best defensive teams I’ve had in the last 10 years,” Nomicos said.

Ismael Orozco, the team leader and shortstop says he is confident for this season and that the team chemistry is strong. Staying healthy and keeping good mindsets are two things that Orozco prioritizes during the season.

When asked how he prepares for a game, Orozco said that it’s important to have positive thoughts and stay loose.

He continued to say that there are “lots of jitters with first games.”

Staying cool and confident are keys to overcoming these jitters, added Orozco.

One of the newer faces to the team is Matt Seubert.

Seubert was the team’s number one recruit and he is a pitcher and a first baseman.

“Everyone’s got the same goal in mind,” Seubert said about the energy and motivation that the team has as a whole.

Seubert stays focused by bringing the same mentality every day. He believes that it’s no help to yourself or the team if you don’t try your hardest every day.

Orozco is confident that the team’s chemistry is going to take them far this season and Suebert said that fine-tuning the small things will be a huge benefit for the team.

Seubert said that the players knowing where they have to be while on the field and similar small details like that could win or lose a game.

After practicing for nearly six months, both teammates are excited for the season to start. This Thursday is the first game of the season and it will be against Laney College.

“I’m ready for it; can’t wait,” Seubert said.