Skyline Badminton looks to future

Skyline’s badminton team has made a lot of progress this semester.

“It was a building year,” said Badminton Coach Jan Fosberg.

She said that although the team didn’t compete very well, it was an educational experience for the team.

“I think they had fun,” Fosberg said. “They were motivated and willing to learn.”

“It was not really our best talent team,” said Assistant Coach Jon Lee. “But we had a lot of fun. Everyone always tries hard.”

Lee, who has been assistant coach for the Skyline badminton team for nine years, said he started coaching as a way to play badminton himself, as all of the badminton teams were female only. He really likes being a coach, as he can see players advance and improve over time.

“I’m really good at seeing when people need help,” Lee said, “and being able to help them verbally and on the court.”

“I see a lot of talented players here,” said Assistant Coach and former Skyline

College badminton player Maggie Ho. “The organization is pretty good.”

Ho said that the team gets along very well. Ho has experience coaching other teams besides Skyline.

“It keeps you fit,” said player Shainal Chand. “I just like the sport; it’s fun. It’s a good way to meet people.”

Chand, who is in her first year on the badminton team, has been at Skyline College for two semesters. Chand said that although the team didn’t do very well, they had a lot of fun together.

“We all improved in our own way,” Chand said.

Coach Fosberg said that the badminton team is looking for students for nextsemester. Although not required, some badminton experience is preferred.