Students must end the stigma around community college

Students must tune out the negative noise and embrace an amazing decision


Adriana Hernandez

Community college deserves the spotlight when it comes to advancing educational opportunities

When you hear the word community college, what comes to mind: second-class, bad grades, not enough money?

Students often feel ashamed to say out loud that they attend community college. Despite the stereotypes, attending a community college is the smartest decision anyone can make.

Some may think attending community college is just settling. Despite their beliefs, colleges like Skyline challenge misperceptions and provide a quality and high-value education for their students.

Community colleges provide the same quality of general education compared to any other four-year or Ivy League university. They are changing the perspective of higher education and offering students more opportunities in pursuing their degrees. The only difference is that you can save tens of thousands of dollars over your first two years of school.

Those that are interested in a host of topics can explore different subject areas. While most colleges make you declare a major before you enter as a freshman, community college allows for the opportunity to branch out and find what truly interests you.

Community college is a second opportunity for many that are looking to make something more out of themselves. Doors are wide open to those with children, without documents, or of older age. They shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting more for themselves.

As a commuter student, you will have a flexible class schedule. You will have ample time to get a job during the week, thus earning disposable income while also learning how to navigate the workplace. Additionally, it allows you to have more life learning experiences.

It’s not about where you start but where you finish. Wherever life takes you, you will look back in pride at your decision to enroll in community college. All students should hold high any education they’ve received because that diploma represents all the days and nights of hard work.

The assumption that the degree you receive from transferring from a community college won’t get you as far as just a 4 year or ivy league degree is misleading. There is no real difference between any bachelor’s degree earned from any college journey and the amount of successful community college graduates is proof.

Attending community college makes you a better citizen. Never will you be in a more diverse environment when it comes to thought, race, age, and intellectual ability. It allows you to become more understanding of those who came from different backgrounds.

Anaïs Nin once said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”. The courage to be different, the courage to do what is best for you and not what satisfies the opinions of others. The courage to take a road less traveled.

Whenever we choose to take a road less traveled we subject ourselves to it seems like unrelenting criticism and ridicule. Pushing past all that, we learn that the education and skills we gain during our time at community college speak louder than all the noise.