Short hair doesn’t define femininity

Boy cuts or pixie cuts are a very short and scary style for any woman to choose as it exposes your entire face and shows off the unwanted yet beautiful facial qualities one might not have been aware of.

Short hair on a woman can be as empowering as long hair can be for many. It comes with significant benefits, like faster showers, less time styling and a confidence booster.

With short hair, one learns to notice and appreciate the small things that you may not have liked before. One also learns to pay more attention to these little features without the freight of long hair.

By being aware of every quality that makes up your appearance and knowing that it is exposed, one is faced with two options: hide it or learn to embrace it. That is who you are (visually, at least) and let’s be honest, it’s just hair. It will eventually grow back so it’s not the end of the world if you truly regret the decision of going extra short.

I chopped off my hair about seven months ago out because I just didn’t know what else to do with it. I was getting bored plus I wanted my natural hair back, so chopping it off was the easiest way of starting over. It gave me much more than a fresh start.

Chopping my hair gave me much more self-confidence. Since all of me, including my face, was exposed, I couldn’t hide behind my hair anymore.

In the Allure article, “A Brief History of Short Hair in 20 Numbers,” writer, Kate Sullivan, lists facts about women with short hair.

Facts include 15 of the “23 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies had a bob cut in 2014” and Joan of Arc, heroine of France during the Hundred Years’ War, was approximately 13 years old when she cut her hair into a hairstyle similar to a pageboy.

Letting go of your long locks is excellent for the wallet since it is cheap. You waste less product because you simply have less hair to work with. Styling may take a little bit longer but not as long as before.

According to Simply Organic Beauty, a woman spends about $4800 on hair products every year.

Another great thing about having short hair is that it adds to your personality in such a great way. Every woman I see with short hair has made the hair fit the way she is.

Many fear that they will look like a boy or that they won’t feel feminine enough and for a while, it may seem like that, but you just have to find your own personal style to accompany it. A way to make it yours is to take a different path that not many consider and it is one of the things that makes short hair great. When you do cut it off, it’s unique and adds to your personality.