The View from Here: Hail and farewell

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As the Fall semester comes to an end we say goodbye to students who are leaving us: whether they are transferring, graduating or just moving on for whatever reason. We celebrate all of your effort and dedication.

Many tragic things took place during these past few months and it has been a trying time for not just locals, but all citizens on a national level. We’ve had fires, shootings, and sexual harassment and assault controversies on every level: Hollywood, to our schools, and congressmen and women.

Through all of this, it’s time to move on and celebrate our students doing bigger and better things with their newfound skills. We must remember that growth is good, and to not be afraid of change. Keep in mind that you’re never far from help. Even here on campus, there are advocates whose job it is to help you meet your next career goal, or find a new prospective job to go with that new degree.

Skyline will be going through many changes in 2018 and beyond, structurally and internally as well. New, shiny buildings and parking lots will be erected in place of old ones.

As these changes happen, I have just one suggestion for students and faculty alike: Take a breather and just be in the moment.

A collegiate experience for students and faculty alike can be nothing more than a series of schedules and a blur of moments, especially at a commuter school such as Skyline where students are in-and-out constantly. But before you know it, all of the work will be over in the blink of an eye and you’ll be exactly where you planned you would be, at the precipice of where you are and where you want to be.

2018 is a new year and holds something exciting to look forward to for everyone. But don’t forget to enjoy the holidays, because what is winter break if not a much needed reprieve from the mental fatigue of cramming multitudes of information into our brains day after day?

In conclusion, congratulations, Skyline. Dream on. Rock on. Keep on.