The View from Here: Hide your kids, hide your wife

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“Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause they raping everybody out here.”

Never has a meme been more relevant.

This meme is titled “Bed Intruder” by Antoine Dodson from Alabama from 2012. It chronicles the nighttime incident where a man climbed into his sister’s bedroom in the middle of the night and might have attempted something if it had not been for Dodson who came just in the nick of time to run the attacker off.

Safety is now as it was then, a very important thing that we should not take for granted.

On a sadder note, everyone and their mother seems to claim that they have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, and a new perpetrator seems to come out of the woodwork every day. Celebrities from levels A-Z been dropping like flies. Forget aging, and committing social faux pas, sexual assault is the newest and quickest way to kill your career in Hollywood.

Politics isn’t safe either. Politicians are receiving their fair share of scandal. Roy Moore, a Republican Senate candidate from Alabama has been accused by five people of sexual misconduct.

Also, yet another shooting happened on Tuesday, Nov. 14 near Sacramento, California at and around a school no less. As per usual, the victims were innocents. One woman was driving her children to school when she was shot. One child was also shot at school.

People have said that when you see your kids or your husband from now on, you don’t know if that’s the last time you’re going to see them.

The joke is such: just don’t go outside.

It’s easy to not feel safe now, at a time like this. It seems like everytime we look at the news, someone is ramming a car into a crowd of people, hurricanes and earthquakes are killing multitudes of people, and we are perpetually on the edge of nuclear war.

And as if the actual events aren’t enough, people want to create drama where there is none. People want to question whether the Holocaust happened, who won the Civil War, whether the world is flat and why, whether or not crowd size photos are real or have been doctored.

If people can’t trust in the news and can’t trust each other, who can we trust? Allegations against the government are called every day. We have to get ourselves together, as a country before Christmas because 2018 is a new year and I think I speak for all American citizens when I say, that I hope it’s a safer one.