The View from Here: “These violent delights have violent ends”

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The wild, wild west is back, and it’s not a good thing. Unlike in “Westworld”, the popular HBO show that takes place in a Western setting, it has your run-of the-mill good cop-bad-cop narrative. This also includes mass death and chaos that is fictional and exciting, however; real death is not. It’s gross, and it’s jarring, and it’s downright disturbing just as some of the images that have surfaced after the attack in Las Vegas.

As the mass shooting in Las Vegas left the country shaken, and with hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria left the country quaking. The Wine Country Wildfires followed hitting Sonoma county and leaving destruction and death in its’ wake. America is in despair so we might as well change the national anthem from, “O beautiful, for spacious skies,” to, “O beautiful, for frightful skies.”

With the death toll piling up over these past few weeks, it’s hard to stay optimistic, and even harder to not fear for ourselves and our country, for our well-being, and our safety. It seems the everywhere we turn, there is destruction, death, and more death. We have been in a constant state of mourning.

We have to remember that we as a whole, need to stick together as a country, and support each other throughout these tragedies.

No matter where you are, we must not forget that we have gotten through worse and we can and will heal eventually from all of this.

We can start with rehabilitation. No matter if it’s supporting the families that have lost their loved ones in Las Vegas, or raising money so that the hurricane victims can get their lives together. There are so many ways in which we can help each other get through this difficult time.

Next is mental recovery. It’s easy to re-build a house but harder to build up the tourism industry in a broken-down town that needs it, or the faith in humanity after a terrorist attack. By not placing blame on each other, we can start to bridge a pathway to discussion. We need discussions about guns,mental health in our country, addiction, the prevention of an epidemic, healthcare, and where the injured can seek help presently and years from now.

Let’s focus on getting support to Puerto Rico, instead of talk of secession. We need help America and it’s from other Americans. Help your schools, your youth, your governors, your state, and finally the country.

It all starts in the home. Hugging your family may not fix a broken country, but being grateful they’re safe has never hurt anybody.

There is no hero, no Captain America, no Superman: only us.

It’s time for a wake-up call, America. We have to save ourselves from the burning building this time.