Why you should be a feminist

Feminism has been stereotyped into man hating group but that is untrue. Women just want to have a just system that takes into account their effort and strength in our community and world.

Both men and women should be a feminist for the simple fact that it affects us all in some way or another. We all have a sister, a mother, a daughter, a nice, a women in our life that has to live with gender discrimination. Being a feminist is about giving everyone an opportunity to achieve their full potential in any way. To not limit anyone because of what reproductive system they got in this life. For the simple right of freedom.

The feminist movement has really been a massive topic throughout the 21st century, and definitely something that everyone should be a part of . We are in 2017 and it is time to check ourselves and realize a that we are all equal. That we all deserve the same amount of respect and human rights overall.

Emma Watson , was elected, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and she calls the feminist movement, a fight for gender equality, which is what is the true goal for the feminist movement which has been going on since 1848, and at first we achieved voting rights for all women in 1928 which was great but by the time the 60’s and 80’s came women decided that they should pursue more gender equality in a different way.

When the 60’s came , the fight became more about ending gender discrimination in education , society and the workplace, this wave which lasted from the 60’s all the way through the 80’s did not achieve their goal and it is one of the things that we are still fighting for at the moment.

Gender discrimination is one of the things that make no sense due to the fact that both men and women bring great ideas and do a lot of things for the planet and our communities.

In the 60’s we got three amazing and genius women ( Mary Jackson , Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn) who were the brains of a huge NASA operation that sent a man up in the space in the 60’s. An event that shows that women are as good as men and that these kinds of moments should have an equal amount of recognition between men and women.

Its it 2017 and the United States got a one of a kind president this past election that threatens a lot of rights for everyone. Women are one of the groups that are being affected, they now have to to fight for the right to have a say about their own bodies. Something that should already be ours because we are the ones that take care of it and are the ones who should have a say on our body.

Having equal human right among women and men will bring greater things than bad. We will be able to achieve more in every aspect you could think of. Two different brains being able to work together without holding back means more options , more solutions more of everything for everyone. Imagine the things that we can achieve by working together , the things that we could solve by allowing women to get move forward in their career , education or even in the society that we live on.

We must do better if we want a better world to live in, it can only be achieved by working as one. There can not be one without the other.