The View from Here: Don’t Blame it on Becky

We tend to judge people based on what language they speak and who they may or may not pray to based on their looks, and now, some go so far as to assume what someone’s individual political opinions are based on appearance.

This is dangerous territory we’re in here, folks.

It might be hard to cope with the realities on either political side, but placing blame on a person for something that is the product of a greater snowball effect is not the solution we may be looking for either. Don’t reduce people to a stereotype or a statistic. Just because Nazis are commonplace now, does not mean that all white people are sinister, and voted for Trump, just the same as not all minorities are criminals, and expert wall-scalers, and imbeciles, and non-native English speakers.

Especially now, political arguments have pushed the opposite sides to extremes and tensions are brewing. Scientists predict that we are on the verge of a nuclear war, but what about here, at home? It is ironic that we, as a nation care so much about what other countries are doing, and yet neglect our own. Some have previously compared the U.S. to a bad college roommate, breaking their housemate’s belongings with little consequence or repercussion, breaking, entering, looting, and then, finally leaving.

But we can’t continue like this, if we want this “great nation” to survive. This is not the time to be petty. Sure, it looks great on t-shirts but in real life, we have to approach this issue gracefully.

If America is to devolve into a nation of fisticuffs, then what is the point of squabbling over health care, gun ownership and civil liberties if all this aggression leads to another civil war in the end because we can’t all get along?

There are parallels in fictional worlds, that are applicable, such as in Game of Thrones, where regents fighting over who will rule, makes no sense if they are obliterated by other forces.

Practice patience, and then maybe we can get somewhere. And i’m not encouraging a kumbaya circle either. America was built on several different parties, in the acknowledgement that its’ citizens are expected to have varying views and beliefs. We should be able to co-exist, at least civilly and possess the skill of mediation strictly for the purpose of reaching a common goal, for the good of all.

Don’t judge people for liking Coldplay. Or being progressive and Conservative at the same time. For praying, or not praying. For kneeling, or standing, or bowing. For speaking English, or Spanish, or Pig Latin, or Vulcan. It’s America. It’s universally great.