The View from Here: What a view?

We are still alive, alive I tell you!

With that done, it seems that this will be my last view from here, and that makes me absolutely ecstatic! And for two very good reasons.

First off, we have finally picked our editors for the spring semesters. Honestly, I have very high hopes for them this time around and hopefully they will be able to build on what previous TSV staff has done in the past.

I say this because at the end of the day, they couldn’t do any worse than we, or anyone else who came before us, have done. We all had our ups and downs semester to semester, even all the former TSV members who have moved on to a four year college, university, or the professional field of their choice.

Moving on is something that I will be doing later this year, as this is my last semester on staff. Even then, it has been a fun ride through it all. It has been a ride that has allowed me to bond with dozens of classmates, a number whom I have come to call friends. And, as in life, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs as we struggle as students to run a newspaper that can no longer be considered a bi-weekly paper. We’ve had to manage our website and social media platforms that need to be updated weekly, as well. But the growth of our online readership, which we have been tracking via Google Analytics, certainly gives me hope for the future of the paper.

I remember when I was the multimedia editor for my first semester of TSV back in the fall of 2011, when I was only a newbie. The times have certainly changed and I’ve learned a lot since then, from social media, managing the WordPress website, editing videos, doing layout, and more! All of which was made possible by the single choice of taking Journalism 110 with Professor Nancy Kaplan-Biegel. That is what led me to joining the paper that year.

Now my time is over. But endings aren’t everything right? I can firmly say that this has been an enlightening experience for me and during this time, I’ve made friends that make me proud and happy to know them.

Maybe this is a case of friendships forged in fire. The fire of journalism. Or is it a wildfire? Is that just too much cheese?

Cheese it is then. And next up is Michelle Brignoli, our opinions editor from last semester. She will be writing the next View from Here, as she will be taking the title of editor in chief for the semester.