Let us not use autism as an excuse to bully


Autism is a mental condition in which a person has trouble creating relationships and communicating with people. It usually develops early on in their life. While there is treatment for this condition, there is no cure. If a person has autism, that is just who they are.

One in 68 children will have autism. One in 189 girls and one in 48 boys have autism, according to Autism Speaks. Research by Autism Speaks shows that 3 million individuals across the nation are affected by autism, while over ten million around the world are affected as well.

Autism is not as rare as most would think. The reason for this is that it may actually be increasing. Recently, the prevalence rates of autism have gone from 10 to 17 percent, according to Autism Speaks.

So what good reason would someone have for making fun of a person with autism? Possibly because others may find a person who has autism “cringe worthy,” as if the way they behave or view ideas and images are so embarrassing that they can see humor in it.

It is not justified, and it is plain rude. It would be like if you made fun of someone for their sexuality.

So why must we associate autism with people who are annoying? Anybody can be annoying, it doesn’t matter what type of, if any, condition they might have. The way you perceive someone doesn’t have to only be defined by who they are.

The world would be much more friendly if empathy was more common. There is a saying most people acknowledge at least once in their lives, “Think before you speak.” If people took the time to look into each others perspective, they would have less conflict with each other.

Even if it is difficult to understand why a person is born the way they are, you should try nonetheless. A friendly gesture towards someone could go a long way. Especially if you do not understand someone, asking them how they are feeling might bring you one step closer.