Pain can be the best solution for writer’s block

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Have you ever gotten home and found a place to sit down and work on an essay or writing assignment only for your brain to come to a full stop, then afterwards tried everything just to get it moving along again? That is what is known as writer’s block, and it happens to everyone (even journalists). The solution is different for everyone, but the best solution is often to simply work through the pain.

Unfortunately, working through the pain is a long process that can range from either okay to downright painful as your brain slowly oozes out each word and sentence over the course of long expanses of writing. It’s always a stressful process, especially when you don’t have time for it. That said, it’s always a helpful process. Once it’s finished, leave your work and yourself to rest for a few hours or days before taking another look at it while enjoying a sense of accomplishment

This usually helps, because when looking back at it you can see mistakes, errors, and improvements that can be made. This process helps improve on the initial product, leaving room for it to become something much better in the future.

This method of coping with writers block is more effective because it doesn’t involve the distractions of other methods, like moving the location you’re writing in. Simply working through the pain is sometimes the best option.

Though it might be more effective, like every solution in life, it does have its ups and downs. The up side is that at least progress is being made even if it is a slow journey. Unfortunately, it may also lead to mind-numbingly slow progress that can either result in a headache or just giving up on writing all together.

The aforementioned time factor is also a problem, as not everyone will have the time available to work through it.

That said, working through the pain is the only solution that works for me when I run into writer’s block and need to overcome it.